Actions you can take to help the U.K. rejoin

This website is simply a list of actions individuals can take that collectively will help get us on a path for rejoining the EU, and individually will provide a sense of doing something rather than helplessly watching this Brexit disaster unfold. They are not listed in any particular order, nor any judgements made on their relative effectiveness. They cover the four fronts the rejoin campaign needs to fight on:

1. Informing the public and changing their deep-set anti-EU media fed opinions.
2. Going after the above mentioned anti-EU media.
3. Hitting our brexiteer-run government everywhere, every way, and at every opportunity.
4. Pushing our political parties to move to a pro-rejoin position.

Write to your MP
Point out the problems we’re having due to brexit and suggest a change of course. Conservative MPs are especially desperate for people to ‘move on’ from brexit – don’t let them.

WriteToThem – Email your Councillor, MP, MSP, MS, MLA or London Assembly Member for free

Sign these and spread the word. This government and the pro-brexit media may choose to ignore and even mock them, but they still let them and the country know we’re still here. Each one represents a fellow remainer doing something to help us rejoin – so support them where you see them.
Petitions – UK Government and Parliament
Perhaps consider starting some carefully worded e-petitions that don’t sound like rejoining the EU and soft leave voters might also sign – written in: Brexlish

Online news comments
There is good evidence that the comments sections below online news articles can change perceptions of public opinion. The best one to focus on at the moment is the Daily Mail, which is the most widely read, their EU related articles typically get between 1000 to 10000 comments. If just 5 % of the 400,000 people who went to the People’s Vote March dropped a daily pro-rejoin comment in the Mail, then these comments sections would be completely dominated by pro-rejoin views. Further tips: Online news comments

Going after the pro-brexit press
In a similar vain to online news commenting, you can also complain about misleading anti-EU articles at it only takes about five minutes. However be aware that IPSO is not really independent and seems designed to do nothing about complaints: You may be better off supporting this organisation that is seeking a truly accountable press:

There is a campaign to hurt the advertising revenue of these newspapers:

You could also pickup a copy of one of these papers when you enter the supermarket, and later decide not to buy it – it’s a long walk back to the entrance so just leave it in the nearby vegan foods section.

Join a political party
We need remainer influence in every party, so pick whichever you prefer, even the conservatives, you will have a vote in their leadership elections and so can pick the more pro-rejoin candidate (or the least ‘brexity’ one). Whichever you join, be prepared to accept pacts with other pre-rejoin parties to not split the pro-rejoin vote (see voting tactically above). Below are some links to joining these parties, the top three are very pro-EU and you will be in good company. Labour membership is also mostly pro-rejoin. In the Conservative party you will be in the minority, but if enough remainers join that can change!

There’s no law against joining multiple parties, nor being member of one and making donations to another, but it will be against the membership rules of many of them, and if you fail to keep a low profile and get found out it means being expelled from the party membership.

Volt UK – The Pan European Party of the United Kingdom
Members from all over Europe with an average age of 34 – as a polar opposite to other parties they are looking to attract older members!

Join – Liberal Democrats (
Well established mainstream pro-EU party – has stopped short of pushing for full rejoin at the moment, current policy is:

Become a member – Join The Green Party
Like the LibDems, pro-EU but stopping short of advocating full rejoin:

Labour Join
Membership is pro-rejoin, but leadership on opposing brexit has been disappointing to say the least. Join this party and be another voice pushing the leadership to take a firmly pro-rejoin position.

Join the Conservative party
Perhaps you were a remain voter who has previously voted Conservative and are horrified by what the party has become? Then get back in there and win the party back! Enough remainers doing this can make a difference – driving the hardcore brexiteers back to UKIP. Even if you’re not a Conservative voter, but have £25 (£5 for under 25s) to spare and it won’t trouble your conscience then go for it too. Imagine the sight of some ‘Bollox to Brexit’ t-shirt wearing remainers making a noise at the tory conference: Joining the Conservatives

Talk to brexiteers you know and meet
Show them you’re just an ordinary UK citizen and not some sinister threat to their country. There are books on how to ‘brexorcize’ people, such as: Let’s talk about BREX .. it

Register yourself with
Register your support for rejoining here, and help build the database of rejoiners that will one day persuade MPs to get us back in the EU, whatever their parties say. 
Follow and and share the messages about Brexit impacts and other reasons for rejoining published there.

Boycott Brexit backing companies
Wetherspoons pubs is the obvious one here, but there are many others, see This only works of course if the companies are aware their profits are down due to consumer boycott, see the Facebook group:

Tactical voting to get the brexiteer tories out

With Labour now having a ‘make Brexit work’ slogan this is a really difficult one for many remainers, and splits opinion within our own organisation.

The arguments for still supporting Labour being that the vast majority of their MPs and members are remainers, and that this slogan is a calculated attempt to win back more brexit voters from the tories than remain voters they lose, and that after getting into power they will ‘make brexit work’ by simply aligning us more with the EU as a first stepping stone to rejoining.

On the other hand, fear of losing voters to pro-rejoin parties may pull Labour to a more pro-EU position in the same way fear of UKIP pulled the Conservatives further to the right.

We recommend remainers use their judgement based on their local constituency. If it’s a marginal then vote for the most likely to beat the tories, which could be Libdem, Labour, SNP, Green, Plaid Cymru, Alliance (NI). If you’re not in a marginal then vote for the most pro-rejoin party to send a message. Also checkout to help others vote tactically.

Of course by the time we do get an election there will have been more visible brexit damage, and so we can expect positions even in the Conservative party to evolve.

Organizations you can support
This is the most prominent organization pushing for rejoin, and have all the well known MPs and ex-MPs endorsing them.
This organisation is far more ‘in your face’, and challenges brexit at grass roots level with campaigning and stunts – more like a Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice when compared to the more establishment parties and organisations. Also there is not an EU flag in sight on their website and social media – important for reaching parts of the population other organisations can’t.
Originally started as a campaign for people to be able to retain individual ‘associate’ EU citizenship, but now focussed on re-join.

Crowdfunding of billboards around the UK pointing out the blatant deceptions and failures of our government in various areas, mostly brexit.
Taking the government to court, recently around the chumocracy of the awarding of pandemic contracts. Not rejoin focussed, but still attempting to hold the government to account for dishonesty in all areas.
The national movement for Proportional Representation, we would never have seen this hard brexit if we had a PR system, and quite possibly not had brexit at all.
Anti-brexit and internationalist organisation: “a permanent organisation for internationalist values and working with the world.”.

News and opinion worth following:
A Different Bias (YouTube)
Maximilien Robespierre (YouTube)
BrexitDB – a massive database of everything Brexit related you can find on the Internet:

Site last updated: 21st July 2022

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  1. Hi, My take on the belated Brexit vote is as follows. The vote was circa 51.5% leave & circa 48.5 remain. However only 66% of the electorate actually voted and 33% did not bother to vote at all. Maybe this 33% tranche were apathetic or unable to understand the issues involved (like me). Anyway, one could safely assume that this 33% tranche were reasonably satisfied with the status quo that existed on the date of the referendum. I believe that this fact should be highlighted when debating the rights and wrongs of the very much regretted outcome of the Brexit referendum.


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